Sunday, January 23, 2011

cool harley pics

some awsome looking bike's,
next holiday japan???
totally sick.
(found theme on a japanese site.
lots of thanks....)

Friday, January 21, 2011

wiring diagram.

yo james you send me a message about the wiring diagram, i would like to send it to you, but your email adres was wrong.
please send again...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

great hot wheel.

I've been collecting hot wheels for quite a time , ad im always surcing for american cars from 65 to 75. Only stock cars no hot rods or whatever. Those where the best years of american cars.
But now i found one i reale must have.
Always loved zz-top, and i never knew there was a hot wheel from there hot rod.
I-ve got to find me this one.


Some nice pushbuttons in the triple trees.
1 for starter and 1 for the horn.

Yesterday i started wiring, its something i hate but when i am doing it i'm starting to love it. I found a simple diagram on the net (thanks to wally) and i startet puzling. I'm using all the old wiring but what i don't need has to leave.

No gear indicator for this bike, who needs them anyway.

just full throttle.

I made a stainless steel plate under the seat, where i put my battery en all th components, and then i started wiring.

all in the details

It's all in the details.
didn't want to buy new brakelines , so i had to find a way to fix them in the right position. made some stainless steel brackets. small and nice. if you didn't now you wouldn't notice them.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

old harley sidecar pics.

Again i found some great photo's of old harley's with sidecars. Its great to find those pic's, becaus you see alway's something diferent about it.
but i can't find a lot of photo's about sidecar's from the 60- 70 always older or younger...

harley xa 750

Never knew what to think about a xa 750 harley, always thought it was harley's biggest misteak. Until i found this pic today, never knew there was a xa 750 build with a sidecar. Now it seems a briljant idee. i'm realy loving it. I wish i could find a picture from the other side, but i still haven't found one, please send me one.

do i need to say more?

let the god's speek