Sunday, December 26, 2010

Every now and then i look at the xs650chopper site, if you like xs choppers you find them there.
I even found some nice pics of my xs 650 chop i've built a few years ago.
I sold it to a guy in germany, never heard of it ,never seen of it.
If anybody finds some info of it please let me know.
I think it still looks great.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

looking for cool pics, i found one off david mann, a great painter. I really like the shovel on this one. Areal cool bike.
The best thing of it is the primairy case.
My friend Ortwin would kill for it.
he really needs one for his new project.
And this is the real deal.


merry x-mas and a happy new-year.
new year with a lot of bike building ,
and even more riding.
hope to finish my sidecar before the summer.
and i'm thinking of a sidecar on my beemer for
the winter.
finisch my gs. Sell it and start a chopperproject.
even thinking of rebuilding my shovel.
will see, will see.
To much to do in one year.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

looking for old sidecarpics, i found these.
I like those flexi- sidecars.
sidewinder im told.
i wonder how they ride .
Original used in boardtracking. Gues you need a big hart to sit in the sidecar.

johnny depp , riding a n old harley sidecar.

After 2 months i finally found them. Anyone an id what they are?
Ther mounth's for my sidecare, these are from an oeral sidecar.
i wanted them becaus they fit exactly on my ball's i have on my hd.
so its much easier to install my new sidecar.
Its time i get started with the big red machine.
but first get the gs ready.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

cool choppers.

Why o why, why a caferacer? Damn,
surging for parts for my gs i found some beautiful pics of gs choppers.
3 times hardtail, 2 times gs 850, never knew you could build a perfect chop of a gs. Always thougt you need a cb 750 or a xs 650.
But one thing i know for sure , the next one will be a chopper.
Maybe i change my mind after riding my caferacer. Will see.

Tomorow "sinterklaas"is coming,
what will the old man bring me, i need some airfilters for my gs, or some tools, but i gues i will get nothing. I don't mind i hope we will have fun. He only comes for the kids.
An other option is to go see the movie "sint"a briljant movie about our holy man.
movie is made by dick Maas, a dutchman that makes briljant movies.
December 5 will never be the same....