Saturday, March 26, 2011

gs 550

It's finnaly ready, so, what do you think?
the paint isn't exactly what it should be, but we will have to deal with it.
got some racing numbers on it, 717 , it's our lucky number.
I even took it for a little ride, don't tell Marlies, cause i haven't
got insurence on it.

I notticed that i've got to do some finetunning on the carb's cause it doesn't ride smootly.
will see, i think it's becaus of the open airfilters. I don't think ill be riding it for more then 50 km, i think it will break my back. But it's great to drive it around the house. It sounds great.
Im really happy with it. so, up to the next one....

1 comment:

  1. Hell Yeah,looks great!!
    Soon i'm gonna start my own cafe racer project.