Sunday, April 17, 2011

big trouble.

Today we went to Eindhoven, to the canalparty. The whole family in the sidecar. While we where riding the highway the shovel stopt. i didn't have the right tools with me so i, tryed to figur out what the problem was, and i thougt it was the carberator. but i got back on the road. after 5 minutes he stopt again, and i phoned the "wegenwacht" Nice guy, helpt me cleaning the carb. It was all filty. You have to know i cleaned it up all saterday,and fixed the fuellines, becaus the gas always dripped. so this week i got to do it all over again. Well the kids had a great day. But what makes me mad, why didn't stop any of the bikers that drove by? fuck them, i would have stopt. And it wasend just one, more than 20 passed by. Sure they waved. fuck i'm realy pissed, where is the true biker spirit?? tell me....


  1. Fuck them indeed :-)
    Biker spirit??? isn't that about expensive harley T-shirts hahaha

  2. sure, and riding fucking twin-cams