Saturday, May 14, 2011

a reel bad friday the 13e

Last week we spend in a holidaypark with the family, great weather, great park, lots of swiming with the kids.
a real nice week.
thursday my father called, my dog was realy sick, it seemed like he had a total black out every 4-5 hours.
We knew he was changing, cause he did things he never did befor.
we already thought he had something in his head.
wen we came home on friday , he was walking little rounds, didn't see us, didn't know us, and he fell down every half hour.
so we took him to the vet and she gave him an injection, she thougt he was somekind of hyperventilating. so she brought him to sleep.
But after one hour she called us to come real fast, it was getting reel bad.
he couldn't get out of it.
We did not want him any longer in pain and could not see him suffer, so there was only one solution,we had him put to sleep.
so it was a reel fucking bad day. for me, but also for my kids.
damn fucking friday the 13e.
we hope he has fun in the Eternal hunting grounds.
by FRANS, goodby.

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