Sunday, September 25, 2011


yesterday i went to" veteranendag woerden"
it was a great day for riding, and the
event was fabulous.
more than 2000 classic bikes and mopeds.
i took some pics of bike i reele liked.
and wich where the most special.
but the MUNCH reele made my day.
damn what a fantastic bike.
and the sound.



such a fucking cool bike,
never thought i could see one in reel life.
and came riding.


nice line up,

line-up ww-2 bikes.
zundapp and bmw.

full dresser shovel flh with sidecar and trailer.
a bit overdone.

reel nice shovel flh 1200.
these are the original colours of mine.

best bike of the event.
i've seen this bike more often, and
it looks beter everytime i see it.

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