Saturday, March 26, 2011

gs 550

It's finnaly ready, so, what do you think?
the paint isn't exactly what it should be, but we will have to deal with it.
got some racing numbers on it, 717 , it's our lucky number.
I even took it for a little ride, don't tell Marlies, cause i haven't
got insurence on it.

I notticed that i've got to do some finetunning on the carb's cause it doesn't ride smootly.
will see, i think it's becaus of the open airfilters. I don't think ill be riding it for more then 50 km, i think it will break my back. But it's great to drive it around the house. It sounds great.
Im really happy with it. so, up to the next one....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Second step, I've put on the stripes and decals, stripes in silver and de decals in green metallic.This is the style i want for it. Now i've got to wait . ther's something more to come. and then, the final paint. Last things to do, a stud for the excaust and a little mirror. maybe il find one next week. And then it's done. Damn, i've got to find a new project, or wait maybe i'll first finish my new sidecar.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yesterday the postman brought me my new footpegs.
cheap and italian.
But they look fucking cool on my bike. black, always better than chrome or aluminium.

Got my first paint on it, so fucking green, it hurts on your eye's. But who gifs a fuck, i think it look's great. Wait till you see me finisch it, it will get better by the day. keep looking.
O, ofcourse all by ratllecan.
It's so shining that it glims on the foto.
The neigbours came looking over the hedge, they wanted to know what that bad smell was.
O my god, it looks like the hulk...
and no, it's not kawa green...


I stole this pick from
People who know me understand it.
I think it's the perfect beard. a real cool guy.
i wanne know more about him,
By the way, acid-drop, is a reel cool blog.
thanks for this picture.
i don't think mine will ever get this long.

Friday, March 18, 2011


My wife's sportster.
She's beginning to like te caferacer, she said that if it's ready she wants to ride it.
so i've got a great idee.
You ride the caferacer and in the meantime i turn your sportster into this one.
I Think it's the best looking sportster i've ever seen.
i am thinking of using flh wheels ,wide glid fork, 6 degrees,
and a 2 inch longer rearfork, and lower the bike.
other gastank other excaust ,
great idee. will see, will see...

Sunday, March 13, 2011


i also got my new airfilters, they look great.
i've put in some gasoline, to try to start her up.
always love a first runner bike.
sounds great, even the sucking of the filters.
can't wait for the testdrive.

new paint.

yesterday i started with my paint.
The weather was great so i did it in my backyard.
first layer of paint, filler.
i had only one ditch in the tank, so this time its easy.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

first day out.

did some work on the gs today, mounted the black pipes, and startet on the gastank. couldn't resist to put it out in the sun for a foto, damn it looks great.
can't wait to see the paint on it.
still looking for some filters and steps. i made some but they look terrible.
so i think of buying some steps.