Sunday, April 24, 2011


The beemer has left the building.

after 14 months riding the blue bastard, i sold it yesterday.

the clutch was getting reel bad, so i had to replace it.

so it was easyer to sell it.

so i've got to find me an other daily ride....................

Sunday, April 17, 2011

big trouble.

Today we went to Eindhoven, to the canalparty. The whole family in the sidecar. While we where riding the highway the shovel stopt. i didn't have the right tools with me so i, tryed to figur out what the problem was, and i thougt it was the carberator. but i got back on the road. after 5 minutes he stopt again, and i phoned the "wegenwacht" Nice guy, helpt me cleaning the carb. It was all filty. You have to know i cleaned it up all saterday,and fixed the fuellines, becaus the gas always dripped. so this week i got to do it all over again. Well the kids had a great day. But what makes me mad, why didn't stop any of the bikers that drove by? fuck them, i would have stopt. And it wasend just one, more than 20 passed by. Sure they waved. fuck i'm realy pissed, where is the true biker spirit?? tell me....

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

aarle rixtle show

Went yesterday to "aarle-rixtle" to liberator, they always have a show at the begining of the season. But always the same shit, softtails with ape's or beach bar's. great if you like that type of bikes, but not my kind of bike's there where some sidecar's but this was the best. The best of show was this old school sporty, bold on hardtail, pretty primaire case. and check out the spoolhub.With brake. pretty cool..

took a picture of this sporty, don't like the style, but i love the pipe's.

nice for mine...

Friday, April 8, 2011


since a few days i've becom part of this forum. it's great. i reele love the english style of bikebuilding. thanks for the inspiration..


With the idee in my head to rebuild the sportster, i start looking for some nice pics for insperation. i asked marlies what she found of these bikes. and i think that this is the style it's going to be. a narrow sportster low on the back, stock frame old style wheels reposition the gastank, small rear fender lower the front, hand made exaust, keeping the midcontrols. hell yeah great idee. let the surge begin. now we've got to find the time.

Monday, April 4, 2011


i came along this pic a few times. And i couldn't resist staring at it. you can almost feel the pain, so i thought i should put it on my blog for respect of the japanese biker. I pray for you that you get it running again. and ride the hell out of it. respect. big thumbs up, even for the man who puts it on the net..


i think 2 of the coolest chops i found on the net. don't know where i found those pics, i can't remember. But i think there awesome.

gs 550

yesterday i've put the bike on "marktplaats" , so yes it's for sale. it runs great , sounds great, but it's got to go. will see what's next. maybe the sporty or maybe something else, will see. o, maybe i finisch my sidecar first..