Monday, February 27, 2012

out off insperation

i lost it. i didn't post a lot , lost my insperation. Why? bad wheater, other things, i'm busy with work, family and everything but my bike's. Now the weather is getting better again, I think maybe i'll find the inspiration. i reele got to start again. Maybe i must visit some builder friends to talk abouth bikes. will see.
first clean up the garage, and get started. this week, yes this week.
Or maybe next week.
Help me getting it back.
o, i found some pics of sportsters with springers,
but even these bike's suck so bad, the can't help me get the feeling back.
why would anyone build these ugly bikes?


  1. Hope you get your inspiration back.

    Springers look good on some bikes, out of the 3 pictures you have posted I would only buy the bottom one, however would probably fit up a hard tail to it.

  2. Winter blues?! I am on my way to snap you out of it ;)